Course Analysis

Hole 1

Par 4 Stroke 11

This is a friendly introduction to Kyalami. There are two fairway bunkers; one on either side of the fairway; leaving your drive just short of these bunkers will leave you about a 150m approach to the green. The green is raised with a false front and right edge. In order to start your round off right, your approach needs to be accurate.

Hole 2

Par 4 Stoke 5

This is a very tough hole especially off of the back tee. Your tee shot must be kept right as the fairway slopes to the left. There is a bunker 40m short of the green and between the bunker and the green is our own “Valley of Sin”. The green slopes from back to front with false edges on all sides. Par on this hole is very rare.

Hole 3

Par 3 Stroke 7

Rated as one of the best par 3s in South Africa, this hole has a variety of tee boxes and can play anything from 110m to 190m. Off of the championship tees it would be wise to use the bail-out area to the right of the green. With water protecting the front, a bunker to the right and an out-of-bounds over the back, this is a demanding golf hole.

Hole 4

Par 5 Stroke 13

There is an out-of-bounds right and water left so you need to hit your tee shot straight. For the longer hitters, the green is reachable for two but because it is protected by a water hazard short and right and a drop off left, you need to be very accurate to take on this hole. In order to have an eagle putt, your second shot needs to be precise.

Hole 5

Par 4 Stroke 1

This is a long uphill hole with a bunker up the right. Only the very long hitters can fly this bunker, however, most players will lay up and have a long iron or fairway wood to the well-protected green. There are four subtle tiers on this green, so even if you manage to hit it in regulation, your work is not done yet.

Hole 6

Par 3 Stroke 15

This is another great par 3 with different tee boxes. The green is well protected with bunkers both left and right and the defences of the hole are the many tiers on the green.

Hole 7

Par 4 Stroke 9

7 is a downhill hole that plays a little shorter than its yardage. To the far left there is a stream which will catch any wayward drives. The green is protected by pot bunkers short and left and another deep bunker to the right. This is another raised green so if you miss it, getting up and down is extremely difficult.

Hole 8

Par 4 Stroke 3

Your tee shot should be aimed at the right fairway bunker as this fairway slopes from right to left, there is also a stream running down the entire left side of the hole. The green has bunkers short, left and right and is quite a long and skinny. If you miss this green left there is a good chance that the ball will feed to the stream.

Hole 9

Par 5 Stroke 17

Off of the championship tee, this hole is a massive 600m however, it is only used for tournament play. Even off of the club tees, this is a very long par 5 with two fairway bunkers on either side of the hole. Your second shot must be well placed as the lay-up area narrows with trees on both sides. The huge green is well bunkered and missing this green to the right is not an option. There are 5 tiers on this green so par is a good score.

Hole 10

Par 4 Stroke 6

This is a dog-leg to the left, with a tee shot over water. It is another green that is raised on all sides and it has a pot bunker short right. An amazing three tier green awaits you, but, missing this green leaves for a nearly impossible up and down.

Hole 11

Par 4 Stroke 2

With a variety of tee boxes, this is definitely one of the best par 4s that you will ever play. From the fairway bunker the hole dog-legs rights with an approach over water. Achieving par on this hole is rare.

Hole 12

Par 4 Stroke 12

This is a relatively short, uphill hole where your tee shot should be left short of the fairway bunkers. This will leave you a short- to mid- iron approach. The green has a false front so any shot that is short will come back down the fairway. The green has 5 tiers so depending on the pin position, putting can be tricky

Hole 13

Par 5 Stroke

13 is a tough fairway to hit, with mounding on both sides of the hole. There is a fairway bunker about 40m short of the green that might catch any layup shots. But if you hit the fairway, this is your time to make up some shots on the course.

Hole 14

Par 3 Stroke 14

In true Kyalami tradition, Hole 14 displays another raised green that is extremely well protected by bunkers. The back-right pin position is a no-go zone, so you should just try to hit the middle of this green.

Hole 15

Par 4 Stroke 10

This is an aesthetically stunning downhill hole with mounds protecting the right side of the fairway. It has horse-shoe of water around the bottom of the fairway and a tough approach awaits you over this water to a green that slopes from back to front. 15 is a beautiful hole that often leaves ugly scores on the card.

Hole 16

Par 4 Stroke 4

16 is another tough driving hole, with the fairway sloping right to left. The hole is well guarded by three fairway bunkers. A mid- to long- iron approach awaits you to a green that cannot be missed to the left. Par is a great score on this hole!

Hole 17

Par 3 Stroke 8

Having various tee boxes, this hole can play anything from 130m to 200m. It has an intimidating lake left of the green and any shot  that is left of the green will feed straight into the water, so keep to the right!

Hole 18

Par 5 Stroke 18

With a fairway sloping from the left fairway bunker to the right, this hole is a great way to end a tournament. The fairway slope feeds the ball towards a water hazard that runs down the right hand side of it. Your second shot is over water and uphill to a green that has a deep bunker to the left and a water hazard and water feature to the right. Number 18 is great finishing hole to any tournament where scores can range from eagle 3 to triple bogey 8. So the tournament is never over until the last putt is sunk!