Rates and Specials

Annual Subscription Fees for 2017

The club has introduced a very attractive DEBENTURE structure for those interested, which is designed to benefit the member while giving the club the resources for upgrades to the facilities.

Bronze Silver Gold
Number of years 10 15 20
Number of memberships available 15 25 Unlimited
Cost R170,000 R230,000 R280,000
Payment Date When taken
When Taken
When Taken
Number of rounds per year Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Green Fees Charge (Will always match the amount the playing card holders pay) R10 per round R10 per round R10 per round
Annual Charges Handicap & Affiliation Fees (currently R516) Handicap & Affiliation Fees (currently R516) Handicap & Affiliation Fees (currently R516)
Free Locker Yes Yes Yes
Free Storage of cart, clubs & trolley Yes Yes Yes
Advance Booking 15 days 21 days 28 Days
Number of players when booking Cardholder only Cardholder plus 1 member Cardholder plus 3 members
Immediate Family as members No Member plus children under 18 Member, Spouse and children under 18
Membership Tradable Governing Body to approve the identity of the buyer if not a member in good standing Governing Body to approve the identity of the buyer if not a member in good standing Governing Body to approve the identity of the buyer if not a member in good standing
Will more memberships be made available when limited reached No No N/A
If the club no longer exists, do I get a refund No No No

 For more information on the debenture structures please contact gm@kyalamigolf.co.za



  • Green Fee for - Pay as you Play is RX per round
  • Select a prepaid rounds package to suit your golfing needs
  • * Receive the applicable discount rate with the theory in mind - The more rounds you purchase the less you pay for Green Fees
  • Design your own package according to fit your lifestyle on how much Golf you estimate to play in the fiscal year or what suits your budget
  • Each package of 15 rounds has been calculated on a sliding scale

Each subsequent package option combines 15 rounds at each discounted average price, added together and culminating in 90 rounds at an average price of RX per round

So the more you play the less you pay per round

The purchase of prepaid rounds is optional, all prepaid rounds must be used in the financial year in which they were purchased, will not be carried over and may not be transferred

Debit Order Payment Option Available
R10 Water levy applicable to all Rounds Packages (Playing Cards) categories





Green Fees (18)

Green Fees (9)

Full Member R 9,975 R 260 R 145
Senior Full Member R 9,975 R 165 R 95
Midweek Member R 8,340 R 225 R 140
Senior Midweek Member R 8,340 R 160 R 90
CLUB 100 R 6,615 R 160 R 55
Member Age 19-28 (*Incl. 15 rounds) R 7,350 R 195 R 110
Member Age 29-35 (*Incl. 15 rounds) R 9,450 R 195 R 110
Lady Midweek Morning Member R 4,770 R 185 R 100
Senior Ladies Member R 4,770 R 160 R 90
Junior U/13 Member R 1,150 R 60 R 50
Junior 14-18 Member R 650 R 75 R 60
Junior Member (No Handicap) R 270 R 75 R 60
Club 100 Senior Member R 6,615 R 160 R 90
Country Member R 2,2600 R 260 R 145
Playing Professional Member R 4,750 R 130 R 85


Cumulative # Rounds

Full Member


Club 100


Senior Midweek

19-28 Category

29-35 Category


Senior Ladies

15 Rounds R3657 R2226 R2014 R2396 R1654 R0 R0 R1919 R1654
30 Rounds R5724 R4028 R3074 R3986 R2290 R2756 R2756 R3615 R2290
45 Rounds R7632 R4558 R3710 R5046 R2820 R3922 R3922 R4463 R2820
60 Rounds R8268 R5088 R4028 R5682 R3350 R4876 R4876 R5205 R3350
75 Rounds R8745 R5618 R4346 R6212 R3880 R5724 R5724 R5841 R3880
Unlimited R10017 R5936 R4770 R7272 R4410 R6466 R6466 R6374 R4410
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